Platter Flavors : 

*Please select flavors from the below and mark the quantity accordingly: 


(A) Oookie Peanut Butter 
- Peanut butter, walnut, cornflakes 
*contain nuts*


(B) Oookie Pandan 
- Pandan leaves, Shredded coconut, white chocolate 


(C) Oookie Chocolate Marshmallows
- Hazelnut, chocolate chips, marshmallow
*contain nuts*


(D) Oookie Dates 
- Red dates, walnut

*contain nuts*


(E) Oookie Cinna Apple 
- Cinnamon, Apple


(F) Oookie Choco-X 
- Dark Chocolate


(G) Oookie Peach Tea 

- Dried Peach, Macadamia, Tea

*contain nuts*


(H) Oookie Shrimpy Egg

- Shrimp Paste, Salted Egg, Rice Krispies

Chewy Cookies Platter - Happy Birthday / 8 pcs